8 Hilarious Adult Board Games That Transform Boring Parties

By the time you get into your thirties, parties and get-togethers just aren’t as much fun as they used to be. Grown up parties usually consist of drinking alcohol and having not-so-thrilling conversations about work, kids, and commutes. If things get really wild, someone might start dancing, but for the most part people just talk and drink until they’re ready for bed.

In good news, the right board game can really spice up a party or get-together. It can encourage conversation about things other than the daily grind, get people laughing and interested, and provide a reason for people who don’t know each other to interact. Consider bringing out one of these eight awesome and inappropriate adult board games at your next party to spice things up and leave people remembering your event fondly for years to come.

©Jacob Lund via Canva.com

1. Cards Against Humanity

If you haven’t played Cards Against Humanity because you feel it’s overhyped, you should know that the game merits all of the hype it gets. Each round, one player acts as judge and plays a black card with a pretty normal and general statement like “Anthropologists have discovered a primitive tribe that worships _____.”

All of the other players must then use the white cards in their hand to complete the statement. White cards have answers like “all you can eat shrimp for $4.90,” “Harry Potter erotica,” and “doin’ it in the butt.” The judge reads all of the answers out loud and chooses their favorite, and the chosen combination wins the round. The game is inappropriate, hilarious, and a definite crowd-pleaser.

2. Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends is like an adult version of “Would you rather…?” Each round, one person reads a multiple choice question and has to secretly choose one of the horrible options. Here’s an example: “I really hate… A) catering to the elderly, B) ugly children, and C) the age of consent.” All other players vote on what answer they think the question-drawer will choose, and people who guess correctly get a “#WINNING” card decorated with an adorable and highly inappropriate illustration.

The game is best played with groups of people who know each other well and who aren’t easily offended.

3. Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations is like a combination of Pictionary and the telephone game. Players each start off with a card designating what they have to draw, and then they spend 60 seconds drawing it. When they’re finished, they pass their drawing book off to the next player who looks at the drawing and redraws what he/she thinks the image portrays. This continues until the book gets to the last player in a round who writes a guess as to what they think the drawing is.

The After Dark version of the game is fun for adults because instead of drawing family-friendly things, you’ll be asked to draw things like “foreplay,” “quickie,” and “full-frontal nudity.”

4. That’s What She Said

If you find Cards Against Humanity a little harsh or have friends who take making jokes about the damaged and disenfranchised too seriously, That’s What She Said could be a more suitable option. Using the same basic mechanics as Cards Against Humanity, players play white cards to fill in the blanks found on red cards. The main goal is to create the silliest, most inappropriate, most disgusting, or most ridiculous sexual innuendo.

Red cards with sayings like “In downward dog, my yoga teacher walked up behind me and said” are followed by white cards with phrases like “that’s a cute little beaver,” or “can I push your stool in?”

5. The Game of Nasty Things

If your friends are creative and quick-witted, The Game of Nasty Things is a lot of fun. Similar to Cards Against Humanity and That’s What She Said, the game offers clues on cards, and everyone has to come up with a response. The major difference with Nasty Things is that everyone comes up with their own response and writes it down—you don’t choose from a selection of prewritten cards.

The questioner eventually tries to match the responses with the people who submitted them. Question cards contain phrases like “Things that make a woman scream YES,” and “Things you never wanna find in your poop.”

6. The Voting Game

Warning: if your friends are easily offended or likely to get their feelings hurt, this is not the game to break out at your party. On the other hand, if your friends are the kinds of people who think making fun of one another is hilarious, this game will crack you up and lead to some interesting stories.

The game asks questions like “Who will win the lottery but lose the ticket,” “Who will get into a fight with an elderly person and lose,” and “Who would have the hardest time talking their way out of an insane asylum.” Everyone votes on the player who best fits the question, and then the answers are revealed.

7. Dirty Neighbors

Dirty Neighbors is another one of those games that could end friendships if played with easily offended people. On your turn, you draw a card that designates the “dirty neighbor” for that round. Cards have statements like “Once had a wet dream involving_____,” and “Got caught masturbating_____.” All players other than the dirty neighbor write down an answer to fill in the blanks about the “dirty neighbor.”

Dirty Neighbors is best played if your friends are creative and outrageous. While you should play with caution, the game can be played with easily offended friends if you just tame down your answers when they’re in the hot seat.

8. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

Continuing on the theme of games that are likely to ruin your friendships, Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is the most likely of all to start arguments. However, if your friends can take the heat, this game is amazing. One player—the judge—reads a card aloud that says something like “Plays drinking games for glory, not drinking” or “Quotes movies no one has seen.” All other players must then nominate another player who they think best fits the card and provide an explanation as to why.

The explanations inevitably lead to hilarious and horrifying stories, so it’s a great conversation-based game. In the end, the judge chooses who best fits the card based on the nominations and explanations received.