Gaming has been a part of my family life for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest and favorite childhood memories are of playing games with my family. When I was five, my dad and I would compete to see who could get the furthest on River Run for the Atari 2600. From there, we moved on to the NES and played every game we could get our hands on. Some of my favorites were Dr. Mario, Maniac Mansion, Final Fantasy, Tetris, The Adventure of Link, Dragon Warrior IV, and Mario 2 and 3.

Every Christmas list I ever composed as a kid was filled with video games and game systems. We graduated from the NES into the SNES, Genesis, and Nintendo 64. By the time I reached adulthood, Xbox and PlayStation had arrived. I moved on to games like the original Halo and Final Fantasy VII—two of my all-time favorites.

Whether we were battling it out in Street Fighter or playing board games like Scattergories and Taboo, playing games as a family brought us together, made us laugh, and created strong bonds between us. Once I had a family of my own, I knew I wanted to continue that tradition. Now, whether we’re visiting my parents or having a quiet night at home, we’re generally playing a video game or board game.

Family Game Guide was born out of my love for gaming and sharing gaming experiences with others. It’s difficult to find good multiplayer games since so much of gaming is catered to single players these days. I find myself spending hours researching every time we’re ready for a new game to play. Sometimes, we get the game home to find out that only parts of the game are multiplayer, leaving us disappointed and unable to play through campaigns together.

I decided that gaming families need a resource for multiplayer games—a site focused on gaming for couples and families instead of the independent gamer. I aim to provide accurate, useful, honest reviews and roundups of multiplayer video games and board games. The goal: to make it easier for gaming families to find the information they need without having to spend hours on the Internet doing research.

I hope my site helps you find what you’re looking for and helps bring your family together as it has mine for the last three decades.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions, want to share your family gaming story, or just want to say hello.

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