Broforce Multiplayer Review: Chaotic, Obnoxious, And So Much Fun

About Broforce

Remember the exaggerated action movies of the 80’s and 90’s that were full of hyper-macho protagonists? Broforce revives that era with a side-scrolling shooter that puts powerful bros—including Bro Lee, Rambro, and MacBrover—together to liberate the world from evil.

Broforce is as chaotic as it is thrilling to play. The muscle power these characters pack is immense, and the game turns into complete madness when four players join the party. Try not to send your bros into an abyss as you overcome every threat that was exploited on film: terrorism, the devil, and aliens.

Broforce Multiplayer

Every aspect of Broforce is playable by up to four players in both local and online co-op. Join forces and play through the campaign together, or turn on each other and battle for glory in competitive Deathmatch mode.

Local Multiplayer: Up to 4 players, shared-screen

Online Multiplayer: Up to 4 players

Systems: PS4, Windows, Linux

Genre: Run-and-Gun Platformer

Review of Broforce

If you can get past the bro action theme, Broforce hides in its exploding core a quite tricky and puzzling challenge to face. On each mission, your paramilitary team needs to make its way through each level and reach the chopper at the end. There, a ride into the horizon awaits with an epic guitar solo to congratulate you.

At the start of each campaign, you’ll spawn as a random hero, and throughout the level you’ll rescue many bros that count as an extra life. But here’s one of the game’s tricky traits: each time you rescue a hero, yours randomly changes, asking the player to quickly adapt.

From Double Bro Seven to Ellen Ripbro, each muscled hero and heroine packs his/her iconic firepower in a basic arcade control layout: shoot, throw a grenade or second power, and melee attack. With unique and very different capabilities, it’s sometimes difficult to traverse a chapter without destroying everything, making it impossible for your team to go forward.

At the same time, the whole level serves as a puzzle that sometimes asks for some destruction. So even if you have the chance to climb through walls with a knife and pull-off some platforming acrobatics, it’s no use if your partners sabotaged the way.

Each zone is concluded with an epic boss fight. The difference is that these bosses are as tough as your heroes, with excessive firepower and multiple references to the same movies these characters come from. When playing on your own, you can build a strategy and tackle them easily. Bringing backup should make it easier, right?

Well, quite the contrary. The formula repeats itself, and more bros means more chaos. Even if frustrating, the fast pace will convince you to try again, and again, and again.

In that way, Broforce’s gameplay feels like a practical joke about what would happen when using extreme force. The need of caution is always present, and since it only takes one hit to take your mighty hero down, players will need to cooperate… or just be lucky.

In a regular run, not only will you be dodging rockets, shots, rays, and mortars, there are also flying gas cans and falling debris to surprise you. Still, riding a flaming gas can with guns blazing is what this game’s all about, and taking that kind of risk will pay off with lots of laughter.

Broforce is cheesy, politically incorrect, and an excellent title to replay. The thrilling nature mixes greatly with the excessive bro humor—a classic action tribute at its finest. It may not be suitable for younger audiences, but adults and teenagers will come back to Broforce for the unpredictable replayability and the game mode variations.

Pick a harder difficulty, or rush through the whole game in Arcade Mode. Or face off against your bros in Deathmatch or Race modes.

Gather a team and get ready for adrenaline. Broforce is an excellent couch co-op for turning a dull afternoon into fits of laughter. Just be ready to sweat because you never know when you’ll spawn as Brade (Blade), with only a sword at hand and a chopper to face.

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