Child of Light Multiplayer: A Watercolor Fairy Tale Dreamland

About Child of Light

Child of Light is a beautiful game. Hand-drawn and designed to look like a watercolor painting, Child of Light takes you and a partner on a trip through a fairy tale dreamland.

The game's genre is both RPG and platformer, and it merges the two genres perfectly by taking the best elements of both. In multiplayer, one player controls the main character, a young princess named Aurora, while the second controls her companion, Igniculus.

Along the way, you battle enemies in turn-based combat, collect treasures and gems, conquer mini-bosses, and complete side quests. Child of Light is a great game for any RPG fan, and even better if you enjoy gaming with a partner.

Child of Light Multiplayer

In multiplayer mode, one player plays as Aurora, who uses typical RPG hero gameplay mechanics. The other plays as Igniculus, whose role is supporting Aurora. Igniculus heals Aurora, slows/disables enemies, and helps solves puzzles outside of battle. This is great when one player enjoys playing a supporting role, but may turn off two-player teams who both want to actively participate in attacking enemies during battle.

Local Multiplayer: Up to 2 players, shared-screen

Online Multiplayer: Not available

Systems: PS4, PS3, Playstation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Windows

Genre: RPG, Platforming

Multiplayer Trailer