Overcooked Multiplayer Review: Delight in Cooking Madness

About Overcooked

Sharpen your knives and get ready to save the world Gordon-Ramsay style in this extreme cooking simulator.

Overcooked allows you to coordinate up to four chefs—all running around in a cramped kitchen—to discover how simple tasks can turn into food-preparation mayhem.

Overcooked will take you to the strangest puzzle-driven kitchens that space stations and Hell’s Kitchen have to offer. Scrub plates, chop some onions, and tell your family to ready the fire extinguisher as you try to get as many dishes out on time as possible.

Overcooked Multiplayer

Play the co-op campaign and save the world with your cooking, or face off against each other in 2 vs. 2 matches that will take you to the strangest puzzle-driven kitchens that space stations and Hell’s Kitchen have to offer.

Local Multiplayer: Up to 4 players, shared-screen

Online Multiplayer: N/A

Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Genre: Simulation

Review of Overcooked

With only two buttons to learn and simple gameplay, Overcooked is a fast-paced title that promotes interaction and cooperation between players. Orders come in the top-left corner, and you prepare the ingredients, assemble the plate, rush to deliver it on time, wash dishes, and repeat. Add multitasking and teamwork in a poorly-arranged kitchen—and some extreme factors like fireballs flying around or cooking in the dark in a spooky mansion—and suddenly simple recipes don’t seem so easy.

“Who does what” becomes the main question if you want to keep ingredients coming and going quickly enough to get that extra tip that might earn you the level’s best rating. After a few rounds of trying to make things run smoothly, you’ll feel sorry for the cooks who scream their way around on reality shows. Max out the player count for extremely disorganized fun as you face more complex recipes in kitchens with wicked layouts and obstacles that constantly try to sabotage your plans.

The challenging level design is exactly there where Overcooked shines. Whenever you think you’ve got a strategy, something comes up to make your tower of cards fall all at once. Some mice could steal your food, furniture might slide around in a swinging pirate-ship’s deck—leaving some chefs isolated—or lights could go out so you’re left cooking in the dark with nothing but dim lanterns.

Do always keep an eye out for the fire extinguisher. Maybe your chopper took too long, or you were struggling with the icy floor, but that innocent burger is now aflame and your customer’s getting anxious!

The game’s multiplayer modes are where Overcooked shines. Sure, it gets stressful at times, but it’s all worth it when you get that top rating, or when it gets so chaotic that it’s suddenly hilarious.

Overcooked doesn’t feel like it’s meant to be played alone at all. The single player capability is necessary, but it changes the game’s dynamic completely. The player controls two chefs—one at the time—switching between them to prepare dishes. It is an interesting challenge, but most of the action comes from the player-to-player communication and unpredictable situations that a packed living room can generate.

Two multiplayer modes are available. In multiplayer campaign mode, you jump into a crazy plot that involves your chef-heroes going back in time to train hard and prepare to save the Onion Kingdom from the insatiable Flying Spaghetti Monster. In PVP mode, you fight against your friends to see who can get the most points, serving customers as quickly as possible while trying to steal ingredients from others.

Whichever mode you choose, you’re certain to find that Overcooked is an addictive game that compels you to keep coming back for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Overcooked have an online multiplayer mode?

No, Overcooked multiplayer is only available for local gameplay. Overcooked does not have an online multiplayer mode.

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