Don’t Starve Together Multiplayer Review: Survival & Adventure Await

About Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a gloomy, paper, puppet-like world with a simple premise: don’t starve. There’s only one problem: starving is the least of your worries.

Without any guide, you’re thrown into a beautifully designed—yet treacherous—world where you must craft and discover to survive what day and night bring. Avoid monsters, don’t get struck by lightning, and try not to go insane as you pair up with your friends to see how many nights you can survive before, well… the end.

Don't Starve Together Multiplayer

Don't Starve Together was designed specifically to bring multiplayer functionality to the single-player Don't Starve game. As such, all aspects of the game can be played in both local or online multiplayer.

Local Multiplayer: Up to 2 players, split-screen

Online Multiplayer: Up to 6 players

Systems: PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, Linux

Genre: Action-Adventure

Review of Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together feels like a breath of fresh air in a genre that’s been exploited since Minecraft came out. This paper-cutout world lets you pick from 9 characters with strange qualities. Choose Wilson, the scientist that grows a beard; Woodie, the lumberjack with a talking axe and a wild secret; Willow, the nervous pyro girl; and WX-78, the self-upgrading robot. Each character has its own powers and personalities, and their different abilities can be paired up for better results in multiplayer mode.

There’s no tutorial or proper introduction. When you start the game, you need to employ the trial-and-error method to learn how to play. A cranky clock marks morning, afternoon, and night, and keeps track of how many days have passed. Beyond time, Don’t Starve Together also has seasons. In spring, your farm will grow and food is plentiful. In winter, the unprepared are punished: food is scarce, animals hibernate, and the cold keeps you from accomplishing much.

Teamwork is crucial, and moving your settlement to different biomes is a necessity—until you finally manage to create a sustainable home. But ironically, starving isn’t your worst problem in Don’t Starve Together. Animals, monsters, and other powerful magical beings roam the world. Pig villages might be friendly, but the fish-people called Merms aren’t. You never know when the gigantic Treeguard will spawn to defend forests from your axe. Life-threatening surprises are around every corner.

Aside from the classic hunger, health, cold, and heat mechanics, sanity plays a huge part in this game. The dark nights, the strange encounters, and exhaustion can make your sanity meter drop. When it does, shadows rise. The last—and most relentless—enemy is darkness itself. Shadow monsters appear to disturbed players, and when sanity levels are low enough, they go from innocent hallucinations to hostile ones.

The game is challenging at first, but after a few respawns, your day-count will increase, your bases will get bigger, and you’ll stop fearing the hounds—they’ll be a piece of cake compared to boss fights. Don’t Starve Together requires lots of cooperation because it is unforgiving: you’ll learn the hard way not to bother beehives without proper equipment, and that a heat stroke means your end unless you don a big chunk of ice as a summer hat.

Overall, Don’t Starve Together is compelling game with a unique premise, spellbinding graphics, and dark humor that will force even the saintliest of your friends to smirk. Grab a copy, find a friend or five, and see how long you can survive.

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