Duck Game Multiplayer Review: It Will Quack You Up

About Duck Game

Go back to 1984 and hop into a futuristic world where ducks battle fiercely—and randomly—to obtain glory. This retro-style battle game pits four players against each other with an exotic selection of weapons and gadgets to create hilariously unpredictable action.

Duck Game Multiplayer

While there is a single-player-only campaign, Duck Game is designed to be played in multiplayer. The multiplayer mode is PVP, and it allows for battles between up to four players both locally and online.

Local Multiplayer: Up to 4 players, shared-screen

Online Multiplayer: Up to 4 players

Systems: Windows (release dates TBD for Xbox One and PS4)

Genre: Fighting

Review of Duck Game

Duck Game takes the classic 2-D deathmatch shooter and gives it a twist. In this world, ducks compete against each other for glory in randomly generated arenas. Jump, glide, dodge, shoot, and viciously fail in a game packed with weapons that are dangerous for your enemies—and yourself.

Pick your team by wearing a funny hat—a huge log, a TV, or a shaped piece of tinfoil—and teleport into competition. Whoever wins a certain number of rounds takes the golden trophy home. Every aspect of this game involves humor, from the specific action-button to make a quacking noise to the weapons that spawn around for you to arm yourself with.

The multiplayer competition is treated as a televised event that’s announced by John Mallard. Intermissions illustrate who’s winning by showing your ducks competing to see who can throw a rock the farthest down a track, there’s an awards ceremony at the end where the winner receives a trophy, and a highlight reel shows the top moments of the fight.

Weapons in the game include the standards like a pistol, shotgun, and rocket launcher, but Duck Game will also surprise you with bizarre weapons like a mind-control ray, firecrackers, and even a very good book that stuns other ducks and turns them into your allies. Lots of laughter will ensue when family members find themselves using a trumpet to battle a duck wielding a sword. There’s also several items and gadgets that you can pick up, including a grappling hook, a jetpack, and different types of armor.

Each map includes its own hazards, from spikes that kill you instantly to springs that will unexpectedly launch you out of control. At the same time, you can find objects that benefit you by allowing you to take cover, rocks that can be used as improvised weapons, and even Mario-style item boxes. Avoid long falls, break through windows, and swing from vine to vine during fights to dodge other players’ attacks.

The 8-bit level design resembles many classic Sega titles, using static backgrounds that fit the current environment setting. And the funky synth soundtrack makes Duck Game go the extra mile by creating a sense of intensity.

Each round takes place in either a preset map or a randomly generated one. The default picks include many fun encounter settings, such as small rooms with grenades only. In addition, the level editor is an amazing extra feature that guarantees re-playable content and even allows you to play on community-generated maps. Finally, the large list of unlockable hats, achievements, and single-player minigames means Duck Game has many hours of fun to offer.

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