Nidhogg Multiplayer Review: Duel for Glory

About Nidhogg

Take out your swords and face off against your family and friends in Nidhogg, the acclaimed indie fencing simulator.

In Nidhogg, two opponents duel to the finish in a quick-paced, side-scrolling arena.

With each victorious stab, the player gets some time to run forward and try to reach the opposite side of the map and claim victory, but not without their enemy spawning again and again, trying to throw a slash and run past you to his goal.

Nidhogg Multiplayer

While there is a single player component where you can dual AI opponents instead of another player, Nidhogg was designed primarily as a multiplayer PVP game.

Local Multiplayer: 2 players, shared-screen

Online Multiplayer: 2 players

Systems: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Windows, Mac

Genre: Fighting

Review of Nidhogg

When you combine simple—but daring—mechanics with a minimalized pixel game, you get a challenge suited for everyone. Nidhogg is a game fit equally for lightning-action duels with kids and lively gameplay with friends. The game’s mechanics are easily mastered, so it’s simple for people of all ages to become decent competitive players.

Each fighter can lower or raise his sword stance to counter the opponent’s moves, look for an opening and strike, or try match the enemy’s attack to disarm him! But this fencing simulator has a spin that makes it wildly fun: each player can run, jump, duck, roll, kick, and even throw his sword for an unexpected surprise.

The one characteristic that keeps players on the edge of their seat is balance. Each move can be countered, and a split-second roll can give you the chance to cover enough distance to reach a cheering crowd and a monstrous reward.

Nidhogg features basic—yet perfectly achieved—pixel art. Its characters feel smooth with swift movements, while the background arena comes alive in details: a waterfall in the forest, a swinging chandelier in a castle, and a rising sun in the sky. Added eye-candy makes a difference in pixel games.

Each level provides different environmental mechanics that further develop the gameplay and change the fight’s pace. In the “Cloud” arena, some tiles vanish if you stand too long on them; in the “Wilds” arena, tall grass prevents both players from seeing their enemy’s sword stance.

Nidhogg is a title that’s worth adding to your indie party games list.

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