Have a Blast Acting Like Fools While Playing Guesstures

About Guesstures

Guesstures is an interactive board game where players silently act out words on playing cards and try to get their teammates to guess the word. In some ways, Guesstures is similar to charades—both games require silent acting and guessing. However, Guesstures is different because you only guess one word—not a phrase—and the speed at which your family must act and guess keeps the game moving quickly. Cards are placed into a movie reel and must be acted out, guessed, and retrieved before the card drops.

Number of Players: 4+ (play with 3 players using the adjusted method described below)

Recommended Ages: 8+

On an acting turn, you choose four cards to act out. Cards are sorted into easy, medium, and hard-to-guess categories, and the actor can choose four cards of any difficulty.

Once the acting begins, the actor has about 20 seconds in total to act out all four cards. Cards drop one at a time, and to get points for the card, you must act it out, have someone guess the word correctly, and retrieve the card from the movie reel prop before it drops out of sight. If you don’t retrieve the card before it drops, you don’t get points for the card even if someone guessed it correctly.

Guesstures is a fast-paced game that gets everyone off the couch and on their feet feet. It’s also a silly game, so laughter will fill your home the whole time you’re playing.

Keep in mind that cards drop in the game quickly. Sometimes you’ll be on the other side of the room acting out a word when someone guesses it, and you have to make a mad dash back to the movie reel to grab the card. Just as your fingers are getting ready to grasp the card, it drops into the movie reel, and you lose your points. In the end, it’s all part of the fun, but you do have to watch your cussing when that happens if you’re playing with your kids.

Adjusting for 3-Player Games

Guesstures is meant to be played by teams, so according to the game, you need at least four people to play. With four people you can split into two teams of two people with one person on a team acting each round and one person guessing.

However, Guesstures can be easily adapted to be played by as few as 3 players. Here’s how it works: instead of playing in teams, everyone plays individually. Anyone can guess the words the actor is acting out. At the end of a round, both the actor and the person who guessed correctly get the points listed on the card. This allows everyone to play against each other but discourages people from not guessing if the actor is ahead of everyone else in points.

If you’re playing with younger children, you can make the game more competitive for them by giving them double the points on the card when something they’ve acted out is guessed, or when they guess a clue correctly.