Risk of Rain Multiplayer Review: A Thrilling Escape Adventure

About Risk of Rain

Hoard as many items as possible while you traverse an alien planet, shooting down swarms of monsters that stand between you and your way back home.

Risk of Rain leaves 12 survivors on a strange planet after their spaceship was taken down by a mysterious creature. To find your way out, players must survive different stages of this gloomy pixel world, trying not to waste time because every minute makes the game a bit more difficult.

Team up in local co-op with another survivor for the ultimate Risk of Rain experience. You’ll find yourself dodging wave after wave of enemies while your acquired super powers fill the screen with fireworks.

Risk of Rain Multiplayer

The entire Risk of Rain campaign can be played through in either single player or multiplayer. For online multiplayer, up to four players can collaborate, but only on two separate consoles with two players playing locally on both consoles for a total of four players.

Local Multiplayer: Up to 2 players, shared-screen

Online Multiplayer: Up to 4 players (two players per console)

Systems: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Windows, Mac, Linux

Genre: Action Platformer, Roguelike

Review of Risk of Rain

The roguelike genre always stands out for its difficulty, and Risk of Rain keeps the challenge alive. With the threat of permanent death, the premise is simple: survive for as long as you can, and learn from each try. You’ll advance through areas progressing little by little. Yes, you’ll restart each time you die, but effort’s rewarded by unlocking extra items and characters that’ll help you get to that lucky run that finally beats the game.

When you begin a level, you’ll face enemies that constantly spawn around you, with Golems and Imps dashing to attack. But the real challenge begins when you find the level’s teleporter and activate it, spawning the protector of that area, and starting a boss fight that will intensify the enemy spawns. Survive until the counter reaches zero, and you’ll finally be able to transport to the next area.

What do you have to fight those monstrosities, you may ask? Each of the 12 characters is equipped with four themed abilities which will be your core weapons. Great timing and combos will be necessary, like bashing the Enforcer’s shield to recover some ground, giving you time to play your defensive stand and up your fire rate. Unlocking each new survivor is challenging, with very specific goals that will ask players to improve each of their runs.

Still, that won’t be enough to survive the 10 available levels and their guarding bosses. You’ll have to use the coin monster drop to buy and open different chests and crates on the map to get one of the 100 items available. They offer a wide range of passive and active abilities, ranging from random mortar shots to spawning the ghosts of your enemies as allies, with stacking identical items being a chaotic trait.

There’s an awesome feature Risk of Rain offers that will keep challenge-loving partners happy: every few minutes, the difficulty rises one level—up to the tenth most difficult. The amount of time this takes varies on the initial difficulty you pick, but in the normal setting it takes about five minutes for it to go up. This means careful planning and sitting around isn’t an option—Risk of Rain will punish you for taking too long.

The difficulty increments go from very easy to rage-quitting. Trust me, you don’t want to take too long.

Overall, the game’s core success is its challenging and addicting gameplay. It’s fun to play yet hard to master, giving you tons of replay time for suffering your way through this alien planet. Buttons are simple with basic 2D movement, jump, and the four skills set on your controller’s trigger buttons.

A minimalistic, beautiful pixel atmosphere that takes advantage of a gloomy palette, and rhythmic, alien, synthetic sci-fi music combine to ensure you feel hyped to escape this menacing world.

If you’re up for the dare, become a survivor and explore Risk of Rain’s fierce planet, striving to ultimately defy the very creature that destroyed your ship and left you stranded. Pick as many items as you can and be careful; the timer’s ticking.

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